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Tuesday, August 02, 2005

Ebay Nut Jobs!

****WARNING**** This is a rant! It is not a life threatening one, but for those delicate sensabilities, I thought I would forewarn that the content was written while the writer was under much duress. Thank you for your time...

Roughly a month ago I decided that I was going to go through our "JUNK" and pull out some of the nicer items to put on ebay, thinking it would make a little more money than it would at a yard sale. So, I get it all together, write up the auctions, and let the bidding begin. A long process, but not a terribly taxing one.

About a week goes by, the stuff sells, and the payments start coming in. One particular item that I had put up I was a little frustrated by the low price it went for. It was a Pfaltzgraff chip and dip platter, and a very nice one! I'd say with the brand name, that it originally retailed for around $30-40! Mine sold for $5!!!! Whoopie.

Another week goes by, and I haven't heard word one from the purchaser in response to the 2 emails I had sent. I decide that everyone seems to give buyers about 2 weeks to make contact before they give negative feedback. So, I decide that I would do the same. I sent 3 more emails, and still never heard a thing. This past Friday I decide that I had given a fair enough time to receive money or reply to my attempts and left negative feedback. Later that day I get an email filled with dismay...She had been away becuase her MOTHER DIED!!!!! What a tool I felt like! It was late, so I decided I would respond to her the next day. Saturday however got chaotic...I had a Pampered Chef show to do in the morning, came home picked up J and the kids, we did some running, then went to the church so he could set up for praise band the next day, and I cleaned toys in the nursery. We went home, I bathed the kids, put them to bed and then crashed! The next day we were up early to be at church early for Praise Band, then left from the church to go spend the day with my Aunt 2 hours away. We got home late, and did dinner and then went to bed!

Yesterday (Monday) morning I go to check some of the auctions on Ebay and see that my feedback rating had dropped. This chick had left me a negative comment saying: "NO COMMUNICATION!!!! DID NOT RESPOND TO EMAILS!!!!" 'Scuse me???? Wha'huh????? It had MAYBE been 48 hours since she had sent me the email about her mom, I gave her 2 weeks!!!! Not to mention her comment was bogus, and that will reflect on my business ethic! No communication my a$$!!!!!! So I wrote back, attempting some dignified answer that she had not given me ample time to reply to her, that I was sorry about the passing of her mother, and my intent was to attempt a retraction of the feedback or at least reply so that people looking at her feedback could see what the hang up was.

THEN, today I get a reply back that said: "If you leave negative feedback (regardless of the circumstances -right or wrong) you should expect the same. That is how feedback works. (right or wrong)" Riiiiiiiiiiiight! I was of the school of thought that if there was such a miscommunication, that you wait for a response, and if it didn't go well, THEN you leave feedback like that....and if you are going to leave feedback, at least leave TRUTHFUL feedback and make it neutral...or just don't leave feedback at all!!! That's what I would have done! There was no need for what she did, really!!!! I've never lost a parent before, so I don't know if there's a level of grief where lashing out and being bitchy is acceptable. And the whole rating thing wouldn't bother me so much if it wasn't a refection on a) your business ethich and b) there are sellers that will not accept your bids if you have any negative feedback! that off my chest! Thank you for those of you that continued this ranting journey with me. I'll jump off my soap box now and return you to your regularly scheduled programming!

God bless us everyone!


Blogger Allie#3ga said...

bastard people

12:04 PM  
Blogger Smashlee said...

They let you leave a comment regarding their feedback left. Respond back saying how long and how many emails were sent w/o response before leaving neg. feedback

1:47 PM  

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