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I'm 29, and I still will be on my birthday this year!!! I swear it! My darling husband and I have been married for 7 years this year. We have two great kiddos: a 5 year old son, and a nearly 2 year old daughter. The are the most beautiful kids in the world if you ask us! I work at home, 2 jobs, one is developing curriculum and other publications for a disability ministry. By night I am a Pampered Chef consultant. I love both of my jobs, and I love that they are flexible enough for me to stay at home with my kids.

Monday, June 06, 2005

Bon Jovi RULES!!!!!

Haven't updated much in the past few a much needed Girl's day this weekend and had a FABULOUS time!!!! Otherwise, this weekend was pretty standard, not too much monumental. Sooooooo, I found this on number3TX's blog, and thought I would do it....a list, whatelse??? Doesn't everyone love "the list"???? :D

Choose a band/artist and answer only in song TITLES by that band: Bon Jovi (I'm so playing my CD's for the rest of the day!!!!)

Describe yourself: Livin' On a Prayer

Are you male or female: "I (HE'S) Got the Girl (dat's me!)"

How do some people feel about you: She's a Mystery

How do you feel about yourself: Just Older :)

Describe your ex lover: You (he) Give Love A Bad Name (some wack jobs in my history)

Describe your current lover: Thank You for Loving Me & I'd Die For You

Describe where you want to be: (I want to) Save the World

Describe what you want to be: Rockin In the Free World

Describe how you live: It's My Life

Describe how you love: Undivided and All About Lovin' You (him)

Share a few words of wisdom: Sometimes you might feel 'Misunderstood', but don't 'Runaway', you just have to "Keep the Faith". Find your "Something to Believe In" and live life with a 'Blaze of Glory'!


Blogger devilboss said...


11:14 AM  
Blogger *L'ola said...

i updated. so can you. i'm just sayin'. although bon jovi does indeed rule.

4:35 PM  
Blogger *L'ola said...

yeah, ima need you to update. bon jovi rules, but it doesn't rule to the point i am willing to give up a month's worth of ann info.

guilt trip guilt trip guilt trip guilt trip guilt trip.

12:23 PM  

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