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I'm 29, and I still will be on my birthday this year!!! I swear it! My darling husband and I have been married for 7 years this year. We have two great kiddos: a 5 year old son, and a nearly 2 year old daughter. The are the most beautiful kids in the world if you ask us! I work at home, 2 jobs, one is developing curriculum and other publications for a disability ministry. By night I am a Pampered Chef consultant. I love both of my jobs, and I love that they are flexible enough for me to stay at home with my kids.

Monday, May 23, 2005

My Week...

Last week was pretty much filled to the brim. I didn't slow down at all! I was drained enough by this weekend, that I had too much caffine, and didn't get enough sleep, so I'm still tired! Maybe if I drink a couple of gallons of water today, then I'll neutralize the caffine enough that I might sleep good tonight? It's worth a shot! last week was filled with basically 3 main headings: Intern Training, Star Wars and Pampered Chef...not necessarily in that order, but kind of! Anyway...Last Sunday afternoon the Power Ministries college intern team converged upon my home and the JBC campus for training. We had a good time, took them to the mountains one day, we had a sled hockey coach come by one night and everybody got to try on the gear, seems like everyone had a really good time...nobody griped and complained, so I'm seeing that as an improvement over last year! Yeah, last year's team fussed because they didn't think that we had enough things planned for them, and I could have just pimp slapped the scowel right off of them...I was 8 months pregnant for training last year, cleaned my friggin house for them, and had a hot breakfast every morning for them. Do you think I cared that I didn't bus them all over knoxville for entertainment? HA!!! They were lucky I didn't sit on them! So, yes, I see last weeks retreat as a raving success!!! And the fact that everybody talked to each other, asked questions and brought up ideas to help everyone else was great, and when we had guest speakers come, they appeared interested, and asked lots of valid questions, etc. I think we have a really great team! I'm excited to hear from them after the first camp session this weekend.

OK...then there was Star Wars. As I mentioned in an earlier blog entry, we attended the midnight showing of Star Wars Episode first midnight showing of any movie, so big new experience for me! J ended up going with our friends at 8pm that night so they could get in line in hopes of landing some great seats. Since the interns weren't leaving until the next day, I wanted to stick around until a little later so that I could spend some more time with them. I ended up leaving my house at about 10 that night, after we sent the interns to the dorms and I got my kids in bed. I called the group that left early a couple of times, and I kept hearing things like "OMG!!! There are some crazy people out here tonight!" Hubs said he figured that a few of the "mega fans" spent close to $1000 on costumes!!! By the time I got there, a lot of them had taken off costumes because they were getting so hot. There were several fully robed and masked clone troopers, snow troopers and Chewbacca's. The costumes I got to see were basic Jedi's, Padmae's and such...costumes that breathed a lot easier! And of course there was a local radio and TV station in attendance, giving away door prizes and getting the crowds excited. The movie was great, and this coming from a woman!!! I enjoyed it, and managed to escape without getting weepy, which is nearly unheard of from me! I have to mention that I've not heard so much audience cheering and jeering since Passion of the Christ came out last year. People reacted at EVERYTHING...that was amusing! Bottom line: a good time was had by all. Hint to those of you having not seen it yet: The ending is not happy, however, you pretty much know that going into it if you have any knowledge of the old and new movies. This bothered me for awhile, even though I was prepared going into it. Just thought I would pass that along...brace yourselves!

And finally, for the Pampered Chef. My director is pregnant, and has been passing along some shows to me recently. This has been great as I've not been working PCHef a whole lot lately in the attempt to get alot of PM work done. So, Tuesday night I had a show...way out in the friggin STICKS!!! I was driving down dirt and gravel roads to get there! I get there, meet the woman and start setting up. As I was about to pull one of my stones out to start the prep work on one of the recipes, the stones tip over and fall on top of each other, shattering 2 of my favorite stones....before the show even starts!!!!! I nearly CRIED!!!! It was awful! I managed to still be able to prepare the recipes and gather my wits enough to complete the show, but I was still a little beside myself, and I can't say as it was my best show performance wise. I pulled in about $80 for myself though. Once everyone was done eating, there were still about 4 guests left, it was getting dark, and as I mentioned, I'm way the freak out there in the middle of nowhere...they start talking about local politics and road construction. Now these are ladies of the elderly persuasion, and they tend to really gripe when it comes to politics. I had to find a polite way to interject my departure so I could get out of the sticks before it became completely dark. I have a feeling I could have been there all night had I stayed! Friday night I had another show. Because of all the chaos from the week I had neglected to remember that Hubs had to work this weekend for the Women's Retreat on campus. Thursday night my hostess called and said that she already had $938 in outside, at this point I'm thinking, there is NO WAY IN HADES that I am canceling on her because I don't have anyone to watch the kids!!! I start calling people and finally find a friend who owed me some luck had it, she was free!!! This show was amusing since there was a good bit of alcohol flying around, and a room full of women talking childbirth stories! Seriously, it can get crazy!!! The final tally for that night was $1287. As I figure it...I'll have a check for about $500 for this month for only 8 hours of work....that's $62.50 an hour! How awesome is that?????

So, that's my week...that's where I've been hiding! Now I'm just counting the days til I get that paycheck in my hands. Granted it's going right into building our emergency fund, but it WILL be nice to look at! And I may just deserve a little bit of it for some fun money...I think that would be OK!


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