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I'm 29, and I still will be on my birthday this year!!! I swear it! My darling husband and I have been married for 7 years this year. We have two great kiddos: a 5 year old son, and a nearly 2 year old daughter. The are the most beautiful kids in the world if you ask us! I work at home, 2 jobs, one is developing curriculum and other publications for a disability ministry. By night I am a Pampered Chef consultant. I love both of my jobs, and I love that they are flexible enough for me to stay at home with my kids.

Friday, May 13, 2005

Living Vicariously

Wanna know my guilty pleasure? People Magazine! I am a sucker for cover stories. When Laci Peterson made cover, I had to buy it...Julia Roberts gives birth...heck yeah!!! I will sit there and read it from cover to cover, and then have conversations with J and my best friend about the articles I have just read, like I know these Hollywood celebs personally! When Jen and Brad split, my heart ached, when Gweneth announced the name of her baby, I blanched and had the "why in the heck?" conversation with K. Why you might ask? I really don't know! It's just one of those things for me...when the new edition comes out, and I'm walking down the asile at Wal Mart or Kroger, I cannot refrain from grabbing it. So, I got one last week, I don't remember who was on the cover for that one, but what really caught my eye was that Tom Cruise is currently dating KATIE HOLMES?!?!?!?! How are y'all feelin' about that one???? She's like yonger than me, and he's a few years older than me! Not that that matters and all, but it's just such a strange match in my head! The other article, and it may have been the main headline, was the Runaway Bride...she is finally checked into the nuthouse, and who can blame her poor family. The movie was pretty cute, but this chick...oh my lord! If I were her fiancee, I'm just not sure I could stick around after that. There would have to be some MAJOR hiney kissin' there before I could feel it within myself to forgive and forget! But that's just me! But anyway, these are just my opinions...I am not an expert, nor do I play one on TV!

Well, I have a house full of guests this week. It is intern training time for Power Ministries. Always lotsa fun, but I'm always glad to have my house back by the end of the week. We are going to be running around like mad today, and then I have a show tonight. I'm gonna be chugging Rockstar drinks like crazy today, because I found them at my local KROGER!!! WU HOO!!!!! Thank you to the rest of the numbers for turning me on to these, especially our own personal Rockstar herownself...they are going to be a lifesaver, and a quick drain to my budget...but hey, it pays to stay awake!!!

Onward and upward off of this chair I need to go. I will post more stories of my crazy week later.


Blogger devilboss said...

First off, Tom Cruise is older than me. I know it doesn't seem possible that anyone is older than me, but he really is. The whole Katie Holmes thing freaks me right out the door. Hey Katie, what happened to Chris Klein? I swear, Tom has had more beards than Grizzley Adams. I love my People fix too A.

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