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I'm 29, and I still will be on my birthday this year!!! I swear it! My darling husband and I have been married for 7 years this year. We have two great kiddos: a 5 year old son, and a nearly 2 year old daughter. The are the most beautiful kids in the world if you ask us! I work at home, 2 jobs, one is developing curriculum and other publications for a disability ministry. By night I am a Pampered Chef consultant. I love both of my jobs, and I love that they are flexible enough for me to stay at home with my kids.

Thursday, May 05, 2005

The Joys of Motherhood/Adulthood

So, you've all heard the stories regarding my children aging by another year. Well, today we, or rather I, got the privilege of taking them to the pediatrician, by myself! Normally, this isn't a big deal, however today had me especially anxious. RAH! First off, A-baby was having a follow up from her last visit so that she could be weighed and measured again. Sounds rather standard right? Well, it would have been except that at her last visit they basically told me she was too small...riiiiiiight! Now, if you have any inkling of how they measure children, you will understand my frustration at this revelation from the doctors. The charts that they use only COMPARE children to other children their age...there's not much scientific to the height and weight charts! If she had not grown to their liking by today, then they were going to test her thyroid...YEA coming from the parents there! Fortunately, my daughter rocks, and she put on some pounds and inches! GO BABY! For those of you that know me, this whole debacle didn't really upset me, it just pissed me off in that my family, nor my husbands, are much on the tall side of things. The women on both sides are petite, which is's just making the doctors understand this is a whole 'nother story! But I digress! She's walking, she's eating like a horse, she's doing just fine!

Now for the fun C-man's experience at the doctor. The appointment for him was his 4 year check-up. Normally no big deal...EXCEPT that every 2-3 months for the past 10 months he has been with me at the dr. when his sister is getting shots, so he has had it ingrained in his head that doctor's office=shots! The WHOLE 30 minute car ride today he told me, "A's going to the dr. I not going to the doctor, I not get a shot mommy!!!!" He was very adament! We get in there, and I'm explaining to him that they are going to listen to his heart, look in his ears, everything's going to be OK, and Mommy's here! And then the nurse wants him to take his shoes off so he can be weighed, well, to any 4 year old, if you have to take your shoes off, basically that means they have you forever! And that was the first melt-down! The second came when the nurse had to prick his finger to draw some blood...that one I understood. We looked for anything to talk about to distract him for 5 minutes...what did you get for your birthday? What color is the floor? What's your favorite TV show? Are there boogers in your nose? ARe they in your ears? I kid you not! Whatever we could do to make him not cry and wiggle. That survived, next came the stripping down to the underware! This was a little trickier, as he had already put his shoes back on, and Abbie wanted to be nowhere but down toddling around the room! So, I'm wrestling with a 10 month old and a 4 year old, and you'd have thought I was stringing both of them by their toenails! I finally got C-man down to his undies, but he refused to put on the "cool" paper gown (can't say as I blame him!)! The dr. came in looked both of them over, gave them both glowing reports (and who wouldn't???). And then came talk of the dreaded "vaccinations". We finally decided that either we'd need a whole fleet of nurses, or we could wait for A-baby's 12 month appointment in 2 months and hope that J can come with me. There was no way that I could have controlled both of them for that, nor do I think my body would have held out! I decided that I needed a treat tonight and broke out the CoffeeGoddess coffee as a pat on my own back for surviving the crusade to the pediatricians office!

I have to say though, aside from situations such as the above forementioned story, I couldn't be more proud of my kids. They are beautiful, sweet as honey, and completely hilarious! Yesterday we decided to do lunch at Quizno's, J and I are sitting there talking about the morning, C-man and A-baby are chowing down, and Caleb opens his mouth to say something to us, but much to everyone's surprise, out comes this man sized belching that echoed through the whole restaurant! It was by far the loudest sound I've ever heard come out of him! I tried to be all serious and scold him, but I could hardly supress the giggles. J was trying to be all authoratative with deep voice and all, and failed miserably. I KNOW everyone had to have heard it, and I didn't know if I should be horrified or just go with it! All I could do was laugh though! It was pretty stinking hilarious though!

A-baby on the other hand though, has a really bad dog food habit. We're looking for a 12 step program for such an addiction, but have not found one yet. (if you know of a place, could you please drop me a line? :D) Now that she is so mobile, she thinks she has full reign of the place...who wouldn't I ask? Anyway, the way that our house is made, the living room and kitchen just kind of merge into one extended room, so there's no great way to gate the two off from each other so that she can't obtain the mouthfuls of dog food. Reason that we usually leave the dog food out, is because our pooch kind of grazes off and on throughout the day...I guess we could control that problem, it's just there's enough other things going on in the day that I just don't think to pick up the dish. We have finagled a few gate type contraptions that we've suspended between the wall and the recliner, but she has found a way to break out of all of them so far. She's a quick one I tell you! And what in the name of all that is holy is so great about the taste of dog food? I just don't know!

As for the joys of adulthood...I had to stop myself the other day. Yes friends, I was excited about debt! Not being in it, but getting out of it! Yeah, I realize that this is a good thing, and once you get out of it, it should be rightly celebrated! We are getting ready to begin a class at our church called "Financial Peace University", and I am totally excited about this! I'm like "new outfit" excited about starting this class! It's scary, and it just kind of stopped me in my tracks the other day. What is life coming to? I'm gettin' all growed up and stuff! Please don't let me go for the mumu's, or the white socks with brown loafers!!!! I just couldn't live with myself!


Blogger *L'ola said...

despite the fact that you have 2 brilliant children that i haven't seen in going on 3000000 days, i will not let you go the mumu route. bring me the babies or white socks with loafers AND sandals might be in your future.

8:02 AM  
Blogger Kingery Family Blog said...

about your baby eating dog food....could be nephew had a penchant for..(brace yourself) treats from the kitty litter box!

8:04 AM  

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