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I'm 29, and I still will be on my birthday this year!!! I swear it! My darling husband and I have been married for 7 years this year. We have two great kiddos: a 5 year old son, and a nearly 2 year old daughter. The are the most beautiful kids in the world if you ask us! I work at home, 2 jobs, one is developing curriculum and other publications for a disability ministry. By night I am a Pampered Chef consultant. I love both of my jobs, and I love that they are flexible enough for me to stay at home with my kids.

Tuesday, May 24, 2005

It's Just One of Those Days....

I know I'm supposed to have that "monthly visitor" in a day or so, and I'm pretty sure that's why I've been having the moodiness and the blahs, but I really hate feeling like this!!! I've been craby with my family, and have been having some of that "woe is me" garbage as really just sucks!!!! I got on the scale this morning and wanted to cry, last night I was feeling like I wanted to string my kids up by their toes and kept snapping at them, and I was having one of those "no one wants to talk to me or do anything with me...I have no friends!" moments...which is all bogus. But that's how I get every month! I need to know how to control this better!!! I think a nice hot bubble bath would help my mood immensely!


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