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I'm 29, and I still will be on my birthday this year!!! I swear it! My darling husband and I have been married for 7 years this year. We have two great kiddos: a 5 year old son, and a nearly 2 year old daughter. The are the most beautiful kids in the world if you ask us! I work at home, 2 jobs, one is developing curriculum and other publications for a disability ministry. By night I am a Pampered Chef consultant. I love both of my jobs, and I love that they are flexible enough for me to stay at home with my kids.

Monday, November 29, 2004

So I have this friend....

I've known her most of my life....and lately I've noticed that she's just crazy! It's progressivly getting worse! I love her, but she drives me nuts!

A brief rundown...we've known each other since we were kids. Great childhood memories from all that. We grow up, I go off to school, she stays home. She meets a boy, and in less time than I can blink, is engaged. Her first wedding date is set...passes, no wedding...another date is passes, no wedding. BAM...he cheats, they break up. In the meantime, I get married and we have our first baby...note, she was supposed to get married first. Roughly 3 years later, she hooks up with a guy we were in high school with. They start dating, and then his ex has his baby. She moves in, big crazy blow out with his ex over the fact that she moved in with him. Ex says she won't bring his kid for scheduled visits if my friend is there. So, my friend always had to leave when the baby came for visits. Also, while she was living with the guy, she gets super involved with this internet game, that she becomes addicted to. In fact, when I went home one weekend to visit my family, I had to go over to their apartment to see her WHILE she played the game....she "couldn't leave in the middle of it". That's when I knew our friendship had changed very dramatically.

Well, a couple of months down the road, they break up...she moves back home with her parents. Within a months time, she and the guy are dating again. It's been back and forth for about two years, and he constantly making it very clear that he has no intention of settling down on a permanent level anytime soon. So this relationship continues...the break up again, but conveniently stay bed buddies...if ya know what I mean. Then all of a sudden, he gets sole custody of his kid. And then my friend, who is now jobless, moves back in...she's basically now the babysitter. Now THAT goes on for about 2 months, I don't hear from her for about that amout of time...then I happen to catch her online one night and she tells me that she's back at mom and dad's, that "it's over for good". Oh yeah, and she's super pissed because her computer is on the fritz and she can't play her online game. Then she goes into this saga about how she's made "relationships" with all these people on the online game, and that it's tearing her up that she can't talk to them. So, she's still jobless, and sitting at home on her mom and dad's computer, getting on all the chatboards for this game, so she can keep up with all her "friends". Oh, and by the way, there's like 4 guys from this game interested in her! What gets me the most, I nearly died when she told me this....There's a guy, on the other side of the country, who she's talked on the phone with occasionally, who's voice "makes her tingle." The kicker....HE'S 18!!!!!!!!!! She is 27!!!!!!!!! I had to try reeeeeeeeally hard not to LAUGH when she was telling me all about this guy! When I shared this story with my less-than-discreet brother, he started chanting "pedifile, pedifile"...his point was rather good, the kid's proably only really 15!

But I digress...

So what will happen next week on As the Internet Turns? Will she ever grow up? Or will she race across country to have a torrid love affair with the said 18 year old? Will she land herself in jail when she finds out that he is actually a minor? Stay tuned!!!


Blogger devilboss said...

What the hell? Well I can understand the 18 year old part (if you knew for sure) because I do like da younger men. But just to play with. But please, get a friggin' job, find your own place, and get a life.

8:52 AM  

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